Nalli Nihari Recipe | Delhi Style Nihari Recipe | Mutton Nihari

Nalli Nihari Recipe This is an authentic recipe of nalli nihari which is a popular dish of Indian subcontinent and mostly famous in Delhi (India). So here I am sharing a delicious recipe and I am using homemade masala powder to make this nihari which I have already share at site. So let’s know how to make it.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Nalli Nihari Recipe

  • Mutton = 1 kg (shank meat)
  • Trotters = 1 kg
  • Turmeric powder = 3/4 tsp
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Fried onion = 3
  • Gram flour/all purpose flour/wheat flour = 3 tbsp, make slurry of it
  • Ginger and garlic paste = 3 tbsp
  • Nihari masala powder = 4 tbsp (here i am using homemade, but if you are using packet one, then add the whole packet)
  • Oil = 3/4 cup

For Garnishing

  • Ginger = 1 tbsp, julienne cut
  • Green chilies = 3, finely chopped
  • Green coriander = 2 tbsp, finely chopped
  • Lemon wedges = 3 to 4

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

Firstly in a pressure cooker add 2 to 3 cups of water and then add the trotters in it. Then add 1/2 tsp of salt and turmeric powder in it and pressure cook them until a whistle and then turn the flame low and cook for 40 to 45 minutes.

Step 2

In another pressure cooker, add oil and heat it up.

Step 3

Then add meat in it and also add ginger and garlic paste. Mix well with the meat.

Step 4

In a grinder jar, add fried onion and a dash of water. Grind them well to a smooth paste and add it to the mutton and mix well.

Step 5

Add salt and mix well. Roast meat for 4 to 5 minutes by continuously stirring it.

Step 6

Then add about 1/2 litre of water in it and mix well. Cover the lid and cook it till meat gets well tendered.

Ste 7

After that, transfer the cooked meat in a large vessel and also add the cooked trotters in it. Give it a nice stir. Now remove oil floating on the top for later use because when we add slurry in it, the oil gets disappear from it.

Step 8

Further add the prepared slurry of gram flour and water in it and mix well.

Step 9

Cook it on a low flame by stirring it so that it does not burn at the bottom. Cook for 20 to 25 minutes.

Step 10

Once it cooked well, add half of chopped ginger, green chilies and coriander and give it a stir.

Finally, transfer it to a serving bowl, add the oil which is store earlier and then garnish it with julienne gingers, green chilies and coriander and lemon wedges. Enjoy it with naan or kulcha or paratha.

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