Til Khajur Ke Laddu Recipe | Sesame Seeds And Date Palm Laddu

Til Khajur Ke Laddu Recipe Hey readers!! Today I am going to make the most healthiest and tastiest laddu, which are really really easy and quick to make. These laddu does not contain much ingredients, all they need are just sesame seeds and date palms. Yes!! that’s all you need to make these laddu. Although the process of making these laddu is really easy. They are healthy because they do not contain sugar and any kind of ghee or oil. The person who is diet conscious, these laddu are perfect for him or her. They are sweet because of dates and sesame seeds makes its taste yummy. So Let’s know how to make them at home.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Til Khajur Ke Laddu

  • Sesame Seeds or til = 200 gm
  • Date palms = 150 gm

Instructions For Making Laddu

Step 1

For making these delicious laddu, firstly, take a heavy base pan and put it on a flame for heating.

Step 2

When a pan gets heated, turn the flame low and then add sesame seeds in it and roast them till they splutter. Do not turn them brown or over roast them.

Step 3

Ones sesame seeds becomes light golden in color, turn the flame off and transfer them into another bowl for cooling.

Step 4

Now remove the seeds from dates and finely chopped them.

Step 5

Now take a blender jar, add roasted seeds in it and further add chopped dates in it.

Step 6

Blend them continuously for 10 minutes, because sesame seeds starts releasing their oil, which helps in binding.

Step 7

After 10 minutes, transfer this laddu mixture into a bowl.

Step 8

Finally, start making laddu from the mixture. Take portion from the mixture and make a laddu from it. Keep it in a plate.

Step 9

Make all the laddu with the similar process.

Your til ke laddu are ready to serve. Serve them after your meal and enjoy.

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Recipe Source: Zayka Recipes

Image Source: Zayka Recipes