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Sweet Mathri Recipe We all loves sweet right! Today I am sharing a sweet mathri recipe which is easy to make and crispy and flaky one. These mathri are delicious in taste and the good thing about these mathri is that you can also store them for about 3 weeks in an airtight container and serve them to the guests as a snack or evening snack as well. So let’s know how to make them.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Sweet Mathri Recipe

  • All purpose flour = 500 gm
  • Ghee = 125 gm, or more than half cup
  • sugar = 500 gm
  • Milk = 1 tbsp
  • Ghee = for frying

Instructions For Making It

step 1

Firstly in a mixing bowl, sieve all purpose flour and then add melted ghee in it. Mix ghee well with the flour till flour comes together in a fist.

step 2

Now gradually add water in it and knead a smooth and stiff dough from the mixture.

step 3

Cover the dough with wet cloth and keep it aside.

Step 4

Till then add water in a pan and add sugar in it. Let the sugar dissolves completely in water and then cook it for 2 more minutes on a high flame.

Step 5

Divide the kneaded dough into parts and make roll from it. Divide this roll into 2 inches pieces and make small balls from it.

Step 6

Then flatten these balls by pressing them in palms and prick them by using fork or knife tip. Prick all the mathri with the similar process.

Step 7

Heat ghee in a pan, and add these prepared mathri in it. Fry them till they turn light golden in color.

Step 8

After frying them, add them to the warm sugar syrup and soak them for about 3 to 4 minutes and then take them out in a plate. Make all the mathri with the similar process.

Finally, here your delicious sweet mathri are ready. Serve them once they cool down well and enjoy.

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Image source: Zayka Recipes

Recipe source: Zayka Recipes