Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe | New Style Chicken Recipe

Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe Hello everyone!! you have tried fried chicken or chili chicken or many other varieties of chicken as well. But today here I am sharing a new and unique recipe of chicken which is really amazing in taste. This chicken dish is sweet and sour and has many flavors in it. This is different from that regular chili chicken. So let’s know how to make it.

Necessary Ingredients For Sweet And Sour Chicken

  • Chicken = 500 gm, boneless
  • All purpose flour = 3/4 cup
  • Tomato ketchup = 1/2 cup
  • Lemon juice = 1/2 cup
  • Sugar = 1/3 cup
  • Soy sauce = 1 tsp
  • Capsicum = 1 medium size, finely chopped
  • Onion = 1, finely chopped
  • Salt = 1/2 tsp or as per taste
  • Black pepper powder = 1/2 tsp
  • Garlic = 5 to 6 cloves, finely chopped
  • Oil = 2 tbsp

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

Firstly in a mixing bowl, add all purpose flour, salt and black pepper powder. Mix all the ingredients well.

Step 2

Now add washed chicken pieces in the flour and coat the mixture well on the chicken pieces.

Step 3

In a pan, add oil and heat it up. Then add the coated chicken pieces (by dusting extra flour) in hot oil and fry them till they slightly turn golden in color.

Step 4

Once the chicken pieces are cooked well, take them out from the oil and put them on a absorbing paper. Keep them aside.

Step 5

In a separate pan or a wok, add oil and heat it up. Then add chopped garlic cloves in it, saute for a while.

Step 6

Now add chopped onions and chopped capsicum in it and stir fry the vegetables.

Step 7

Add fried chicken pieces in it and stir them well. Then add sugar, soy sauce, tomato ketchup, lemon juice and salt. Mix well till sugar completely dissolves in it. Cook it for 5 minutes and then turn the flame off.

Finally, your delicious sweet and sour chicken is now ready to serve. Serve it hot and enjoy.

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Recipe Source: Zayka Recipes

Image Source: Zayka Recipes