Sugar Paratha Recipe | How To Make Meetha Paratha

Sugar paratha recipe you have tried a lot of variations of paratha. Sugar paratha which is commonly known as meetha paratha or cheeni ka paratha is popular in north India. This paratha is given in breakfast to kids as well as it is also preferred by the people of all ages. The aroma of ghee and sugary taste of sugar makes it more delicious than the other paratha. When I was a kid, I used to take this paratha in my lunch box because I love to eat it at that time. As know I am an adult, I equally like it at my age. Let’s know how to make it.

Ingredients Required For Sugar Paratha

  • Wheat flour = 2.5 cups of 500 gm
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Sugar powder = 250 gm
  • Pure Ghee = for roasting
  • Oil = 2 tbsp, for kneading dough

How To Make It In Simple Steps

Step 1

For making sugar paratha, take a bowl, add flour in it.

Step 2

Now add salt, oil and gradually add water for kneading a dough. Knead a dough from flour. Keep it aside for 20 minutes.

Step 3

After 20 minutes, take small portion from it and divide all dough into equal portions.

Step 4

Make a ball like shape by rolling dough on your palm and keep them aside.

Step 5

Now take a ball, flatten it by rolling pin with light hands.

Step 6

Dust some dry flour and a tbsp of sugar powder. And make a square shape of it by folding its sides.

Step 7

Now again roll it with a rolling pin or belan.

Step 8

Make sure that paratha must not break while rolling.

Step 9

Take a non stick pan or tava, heat it up. After heating it up, add parathaa on it.

Step 10

Now flip it and then grease some ghee on it.

Step 11

Roast it or fry it until golden spots appear on it.

Step 12

Similarly roast the another side and then keep it in a plate.

Step 13

Make all the parathas with the mentioned process.

Now your sugar paratha are ready to serve. Serve it hot in your breakfast to your kids.

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