Semolina Coconut Biscuits Recipe | Rava Nariyal Biscuits

Semolina Coconut Biscuits This recipe of biscuit is something which you surely want to make and store for your evening tea. Today I am going to share the recipe of very simple yet delicious recipe of coconut semolina biscuit which is delicious in taste and healthy too. You can make them ones and store for a month and enjoy whenever you want. So let’s know how to make it.

Ingredients Required For Semolina Coconut Biscuits

  • Semolina or suji or rava = 1/2 cup
  • Wheat flour = 1/2 cup
  • Powdered sugar = 1/2 cup
  • Coconut powder = 1/4 cup
  • Chironji = 2 tbsp
  • Cashews = 2 tbsp, cut into halves
  • Green cardamom powder = 1/2 tsp
  • Almonds = 10, cut into halves
  • Ghee or clarified butter = 2 tbsp

Instructions For Making Step By Step

Step 1

Take a grinder jar, add semolina in it and blend it to make it fine.

Step 2

Now take a mixing bowl, add semolina, wheat flour, powdered sugar, coconut powder, cardamom powder, chironji, cashews and ghee.

Step 3

Now mix all the things evenly and take it in palm. If it makes a complete fist, then the ghee we have added is perfect.

Step 4

By gradually adding water, knead a smooth and slightly stiff.

Step 5

Divide the dough into equal portions and make make a smooth balls from it.

Step 6

Flatten the ball by pressing it and make four cuts on it by using knife.

Step 7

Make sure that we have to make only design by making a cut shape, we don’t cut it properly.

Coconut semolina Biscuits

Step 8

By using wet hand, place chopped almond on biscuits.

Step 9

Make all the biscuits with the similar process.

Step 10

Take a pan, add oil in it and heat it up, after heating of oil, turn the flame medium low and add biscuits in it for frying.

Step 11

Flip them occasionally and fry them till they turn golden brown in color.

Step 12

Drain the excess oil and place them in a plate.

Step 13

Fry the another batch of biscuits.

Let them cool for sometime, as they get crispier when they cool.

Your delicious semolina and coconut biscuits are ready to serve.

Serve them with tea and enjoy with your friends and family.

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