Peanut Barfi Recipe | Moongfali Barfi | Groundnut Burfi Recipe

Peanut Barfi Recipe Do you guys like sweet after meal?? I just love them having after my food. So today I am going to share no milk sweet that is peanut barfi recipe which is absolutely perfect to stop craving of sweets. Peanuts are also good and amazing in taste. So let’s know how to make these delicious barfi at home,

Necessary Ingredients Required For Peanut Barfi Recipe

  • Peanuts = 1 cup
  • Mawa = 1 cup
  • Sugar = 1 cup
  • Green cardamom powder = 1/2 tsp
  • Ghee = 1 tbsp
  • Water = 1/2 cup

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

In a pan or a griddle, heat it up. Then add peanuts in it and roast them well till they turn slightly golden in color.

Step 2

After roasting peanuts , let them cool for sometime and then remove all the skin of it. Once it cools down completely, add it to the grinder jar and grind it granually and keep it aside.

Step 3

Take a pan, add sugar and water in it and then cook it till sugar completely melts in it. Once the sugar melts, add ghee and green cardamom powder in it and mix it well. You have to make two string syrup from sugar, so cook it till it forms.

Step 4

Turn the flame low after making syrup and add grind peanut and mawa in it. Mix well till all syrup gets absorbed by peanut and mawa, mix till the mixture turns thick and start leaving pan.

Step 5

Turn the flame off and keep it aside for cooling. In a plate, grease it with ghee and drop all the mixture on it. Spread it evenly and tap 2 times. Let it rest till it cools completely by making cuts in it. Set it for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Finally, your delicious peanut barfi is now ready to serve. Serve it after meal and enjoy.

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