Onion Rings Recipe In Indian Style

Onion rings are a form of appetizer or side dish, commonly found in the United States, Canada, England and many other foreign countries. The taste of onion rings are lips smacking, but today we are going to made them in Indian style. Let’s know how to make it easily at home.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Onion Rings-

  • Onion = 2, large size
  • Corn flour = 2 tbsp
  • All purpose flour = 1 cup
  • Black pepper powder = 1 tsp
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Oregano = 1/2 tsp
  • Mozzarella cheese = 1/2 cup, grated
  • Chili flakes = 1/2 tsp
  • Water = as required
  • Oil = for frying
  • Bread crumbs = 2 cups

Method of making in easy steps-

Step 1

Peel of the onion and chopped thick round slices.

Step 2

Separate each slice and separate big thick slices for making onion rings.

Step 3

Take a bowl, add all purpose flour, corn flour, chili flakes, oregano, salt, mozzarella cheese, black pepper powder. Mix them well.

Step 4

Now add water gradually and make a paste by adding water so that it will become lumps free.

Step 5

Now take a plate and pour bread crumbs in it.

Step 6

Now take one onion ring and dip it into batter and then coat bread crumbs on it.

Step 7

Do this process again for double coating.

Step 8

Now by the same process do this with all rings and take a pan, pour oil in it and heat it up.

Step 9

Frequently added coated rings in oil and fry them on a medium high flame.

Step 10

Fry all the onions like this.

Your onion rings are ready.

Serve them hot with tomato sauce.


  • You can also use oats for coating instead of bread crumbs.

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