No bake chocolate biscuit cake recipe

Chocolate biscuit cake recipe is a no bake recipe. I had share many pastries and cakes recipes earlier on our website. From them some are baked and some non baked recipes. Today I am sharing chocolate biscuit cake recipe which is very yummy in taste and easy to make and liked by most of the peoples. So let’s get started.

Required ingredients for no bake chocolate biscuit cake-

  • Milk = 4 cups
  • Sugar = 1.5 cup
  • All purpose flour = 1 tbsp
  • Cocoa powder = 4 tbsp
  • Corn flour = 1 tbsp
  • Butter = 1 tbsp
  • Vanilla essence = 1 tsp

Method of making-

Step 1

Take a pan, add sugar, all purpose flour, corn flour and cocoa powder. Mix all the things well.

Step 2

Now add 2 cup milk gradually and mix it well so that no lumps can be found.

Step 3

When all the ingredients gets mixed well, add 2 more cups of milk.

Step 4

Now put the pan on a medium flame and cook it until the consistency of the mixture gets thicken.

Step 5

Continuously stir the mixture so that it should not burn.

Step 6

After 6 to 7 minutes, our batter gets thicken. At that stage, add vanilla essence and butter in the mixture and mix it well.

Step 7

Now let the mixture cool.

Step 8

Take biscuits as required, we have take light sugar biscuits.

You can take any biscuit but remember that they should not salty.

Step 9

Take a serving plate and cover it with a plastic sheet, take a biscuit and apply choco mixture on it.

Step 10

Now put another biscuit on choco layer and apply choco layer on it.

Step 11

Do this process until your pudding gets finished.

How many biscuits are required is totally depends on the size of biscuits.

Step 12

Now cover the sides of biscuit with chocolate mixture and then cover the cake with plastic sheet.

Step 13

Put the cake into freezer and freeze it for 8 hours.

Now chocolate biscuit cake is ready.

Cut it into pieces and serve it.

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