Neer Dosa Recipe – South-Indian Neer Dosa Recipe

Neer dosa recipe is a traditional recipe of South-India which is very popular there. This neer dosa is made from the rice which are soaked for 3 to 4 hours before making it. So let’s know its traditional way of making. You can also read neer dosa banane ki vidhi in hindi.

Required ingredients for neer dosa recipe-

  • Rice = 1 cup, soaked about 3 hours
  • Raw coconut = 3 tbsp, grated and without its black part
  • Oil = 3 tbsp
  • Salt = as per taste

How to make it traditionally-

Step 1

Take a blender jar, add soaked rice and grated coconut in a jar. Blend it until its become fine in consistency.

Remember that you must drain water from rice before blending it.

Step 2

Make a fine batter from it and now put it into a bowl.

Step 3

Add little water, for making it thin because neer dosa is made with a very thin batter.

Step 4

Mix it well after adding water in a batter. Also add salt as per your taste and mix it well.

Step 5

Now take a non stick pan, pour 1 tbsp of oil in a pan and spread it all over the pan by using napkin or any other cotton cloth.

Step 6

Take a deep spoon and pour dosa batter in it. Let the dosa batter spread all over the pan by using spoon and make a thin dosa from it.

Step 7

Put the flame on medium high. After spreading batter all over the pan, add oil on the corner of the dosa by using spoon.

Step 8

When dosa is cooked from downside, then fold the corner of dosa and don’t cook it from the other side.

Step 9

Put this dosa in a plate and before making another one, wipe the pan by using cloth and then make another one with the same process.

Neer dosa is ready.

Serve it with coconut chutney or peanut chutney or with sambhar.

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