Mishti Pulao Recipe | Bengal Famous Misti Pulao Recipe

Mishti Pulao Recipe Hey guys!! I hope you guys are doing well. Today I am sharing a delicious and famous rice recipe of Bengal (India), this is basically made there at the special occasions and the taste of this pulao is unique. This mishti pulao have both flavors, sweet and salty. Kids eat this pulao very fondly as it is not spicy though. You can also make this delicious pulao for the lunch or can also pack this in your kids lunch box. So let’s know how to make it.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Mishti Pulao

  • Basmati rice = 2 cups
  • Sugar = 3 tbsp
  • Raisins = 2 tbsp
  • Cashews = 2 tbsp, chopped
  • Green cardamom = 4
  • Turmeric powder = 2 tsp
  • Cloves = 4
  • Bay leaf = 2
  • Water = 4 cups
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Ghee = 1 tbsp

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

Firstly, rinse and wash rice well and then soak them in water for about half an hour.

Step 2

After 30 minutes, drain off all the water from rice and keep them aside.

Step 3

In a pan, add ghee and heat it up. Once the oil gets heated, add cloves, bay leaf and green cardamom in it. Saute them for 15 to 20 seconds.

Step 4

Now add, turmeric powder, salt and sugar in it and mix well for about a minute. Further add soaked basmati rice in it and mix on a low flame for about 5 minutes.

Step 5

Add 1.5 cup of water in it mix well and then add cashews and raisins in it and mix well.

Step 6

Now bring it to a boil and then cover the lid. Cook it for about 5 to 7 minutes on a high flame and then turn the flame low. Let them cook for 10 minutes on simmer. Then turn the flame off.

Finally, your delicious mishti pulao is now ready. Serve it hot with bhapa doi and enjoy.

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Image Source: Zayka Recipes

Recipe Source: Zayka Recipes