Masala Shikanji Recipe | Masala Lemonade | Shikanji Recipe

Masala Shikanji Recipe Hey guys!!! today I am sharing a most soothing, refreshing and everyone’s favorite summer drink recipe, mostly Indian’s favorite that is masala shikanji. As we all know summer season is not pleasant for most of the peoples including me and I always try to make something refreshing which refreshes me instantly and calm my body and mind as well. So here I am sharing my kind of masala shikanji by which I genuinely feels refreshing and energetic as well. This is that time of summer in which I love to make shikanji mostly.

I know everyone has their own kind of variant to make their drinks but trust me guys it will instantly soothes you and surely liked by your family. I am adding fresh mint leaves, ginger and some basic spices. Although if you don’t like the taste of ginger then you can totally skip adding it. So let’s know how to make it.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Masala Shikanji

  • Lemon = 2 in nos.
  • Sugar = 4 tbsp or as per taste
  • Mint leaves = few leaves
  • Black pepper powder = 1/4 tsp
  • Black salt = 1/4 tsp
  • Cumin powder = 1/4 tsp
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Ginger juice = 1/4 tsp

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

Firstly take whole lemons and roll them on a surface with your palm because by doing this process, lemon will become more soft and juicy.

Step 2

Now cut them and squeeze them into glasses.

Step 3

Further add sugar, black pepper powder, cumin powder, salt and black salt. Stir them well till sugar completely dissolves in it.

Step 4

Take a mortar and pestle, add mint leaves and ginger juice in it. Crush them well (or you can also add a small piece of ginger in it as well).

Step 5

Add these crushed ingredients to the glasses and stir well.

Step 6

Now pour chilled water with some ice cubes in it. Give it a nice stir.

Finally, your delicious chilled masala shikanji is now ready to serve. Serve it chilled and enjoy.

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