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Mango Jam Recipe Hey foodies!! Today I am sharing a season’s favorite mango jam recipe. Mangoes are in season and they are really sweet and delicious right now so I thought of making its jam and sharing the recipe with you guys. Those bright yellow pulpy mangoes!! Yummm!!! who will not crave for them? This is the fruit by which we can make a lot of recipes or sweets or desserts which are delicious in taste. This jam is also a quick and easy to make and the taste is really amazing. Also you can preserve it in refrigerator in airtight glass container for about 1 month or more. Just spread some of it on a slice of bread and it will make your breakfast more delicious. So let’s know how to make it.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Mango Jam Recipe

  • Mango = 500 gm (after chopping)
  • Sugar = 400 gm
  • Lemon juice = 1 tbsp

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

Firstly wash mangoes well and peel off the skin of mangoes.

Step 2

Now chop them roughly and then transfer them to the blender jar.

Step 3

Blend them and make a fine puree of it.

Step 4

Transfer it to a pan, put the pan on a flame and also add sugar in it. Mix both the ingredients well till sugar completely melts in it.

Step 5

Then turn the flame on medium to low and cook it till the mixture turns thick.

Step 6

Once the mixture turns thick, add lemon juice in it and cook it for more time.

Step 7

For checking the exact stage of jam, drop some jam on a glass plate and move the plate in dropping form, if jam does not move from its place then the jam is ready, otherwise cook it for more 5 minutes.

Finally, keep the jam aside for cooling and store it in a jar container.

Your delicious mango jam is now ready. Serve it by spreading on a slice of bread after cooling.

You can also store it for about 4 weeks in a refrigerator.

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Image Source: Vidhya’s Vegetarian Kitchen