Makki Ki Roti Recipe | How To Make Makki Di Roti

Makki Ki Roti Recipe Makki ki roti is a flat, unleavened punjabi roti made from using maize flour or corn meal. It goes well with the sarson ka saag or other green saag. The taste of this roti is different from the other roti and so the process. Usually the process of making it, is quite tough. But Here I am sharing the easy way with you guys. So let’s get started.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Makki Ki Roti

  • Maize flour (makki ka atta) = 2 cups
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Water = 1/2 cup or as needed
  • Oil or ghee = 2 tsp

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

Take a mixing bowl, add maize flour in it and then add salt.

Step 2

Mix them together.

Step 3

Take a pan, add water in it and boil it.

Step 4

Then gradually add water in maize flour and mix it till it becomes a dough like consistency and knead a smooth dough from it. If the dough comes too dry then add warm water and knead it again and if it becomes too sticky, add 2 to 3 tbsp of dry maize flour in it.

Step 5

Now take portion from the dough and make a smooth and firm ball by rolling it.

Step 6

flatten the maize ball by dusting some dry maize flour and flatten it gently by using rolling pin.

Step 7

Do not flatten it thinly.

Step 8

Take a griddle or tava, heat it up and then place gently flatten roti, if there are cracks in it and by using few drops of water, make it even.

Step 9

When it starts having golden spots on it, then flip it and roast it from the other side. You can also use ghee if you want.

Step 10

Finally after roasting it well, add some ghee on it and keep it aside.

Make all the roti with the remaining dough.

Your makki ki roti are ready to serve. Serve them hot with sarson ka saag and enjoy.

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Image Source: Teja Foods

Recipe Source: Veg Recipes Of India