Lahsun Ki Chutney recipe – ( Red Chili and Garlic Chutney) – Red Chutney

Red chutney or Lahsun ki chutney¬†is required for making shami kabab and it is also added in many veg curry or can be eaten with pulao and biryani. So today I am going to share a very spicy and popular chutney recipe which makes food more tastier. Sometime we are in a mood to eat something spicy but have no mood to make. So in that situation, make this chutney, make a roti, pour some pure ghee and spread some red chutney on it. Try this and you will surely like it because it is the most simple and delicious thing that I have make for myself and enjoy it. Let’s know how to make it at home.

Necessary ingredients required for making lahsun ki chutney-

  • Red chilies = 50 gm
  • Garlic = 50 gm
  • Cumin seeds = 2 tsp
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Water = 2 tbsp

Method of making-

Step 1

Take a blender jar and add all the ingredients in it.

Step 2

Blend it until all the things gets into fine paste.

That’s it.

Your lahsun ki chutney or red chutney or garlic and red chili chutney is ready.

Store it in a container for 1 month in a refrigerator and enjoy it.

You can also use this in dahi bade or can be use with momos.

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