Lab e Shireen Recipe | Popular Dessert Lab e Shireen Recipe

Lab e Shireen Recipe Hello everyone!! I hope you all guys are doing well. Today I am sharing the most popular and authentic recipe of lab e shireen which is a dessert recipe and is really delicious in taste. It is made with milk, vermicelli and custard powder. Most of the people used to add dry fruits in it but I am just keeping it simple but if you wanna add dry fruits then you guys can add it. The main ingredients for this recipe is vermicelli, vermicelli should be thick for making this dessert. This is not made with normal vermicelli. You can make this delicious recipe for parties and your guest will surely gonna loved it. So let;s know how to make it.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Lab e Shireen

  • Full fat milk = 2 litre
  • Vermicelli = 1 cup, thick, colored
  • Sugar = 1 cup
  • Custard = 8 tbsp
  • Fresh cream = 1 cup
  • Jelly = green and red

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

In a heavy base pan, add milk and bring it to a boil on a medium flame.

Step 2

Ones the milk gets boiled, turn the flame simmer and let it boil for some more time.

Step 3

Then add vermicelli in it and continue to stir it till vermicelli becomes soft.

Step 4

The consistency of milk gets thicken.

Step 5

Now in a bowl, add warm milk and custard powder and mix custard so that it becomes lumps free.

Step 6

Add this custard in milk and mix it well. Let the flame on simmer and stir it continuously.

Step 7

Add sugar in it and stir it till sugar completely dissolves in it.

Step 8

The consistency of milk gets thicken after adding custard in it. Mix it for 2 more minutes and then turn the flame off. Then add cream and mix it, make sure the flame will be off.

Step 9

In a bowl, add chopped jellies and then pour this mixture on the jellies.

Step 10

Keep this mixture in a refrigerator for cooling.

Step 11

Ones it becomes chilled, add some more chopped jellies and serve.

Your lab e shireen is now ready o serve. Serve it chilled and enjoy.

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