Instant Moong Dal Halwa Recipe | Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

Instant Moong Dal Halwa Recipe A very delicious and popular halwa (moonf dal halwa) is perfect for the dessert recipe. You can easily make it within less time and less efforts. The best thing of this instant halwa is that it exactly taste like moong dal hlawa, though we made it instantly with less efforts. So let’s know how to make it instantly and enjoy with your family.

Ingredients Required For Instant Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

  • Moong dal = 1/2 cup
  • Milk = 1 cup
  • Sugar = 1/2 cup
  • Almonds = 2 tbsp, chopped
  • Cashews = 2 tbsp, cut into halves
  • Raisins = 2 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder = 1/2 tsp
  • Clarified butter or ghee = 4 tbsp

Instructions For Making Halwa Step By Step

Step 1

Firstly, clean dal well remove unwanted things from it and clean dal by using cloth. If your dal is too unclean, then you can wash it, dry it and then use it.

Step 2

Take a pan, heat it up and dry roast dal in it. Continue to stir till the color of dal changes. Roast it till it turn a beautiful golden brown in color. Make sure that it will roast evenly.

Step 3

Now transfer it in another bowl to let it cool.

Step 4

Add 2 tbsp of ghee in pan, roast chopped dry fruits in it for one minute. Do not over roast them and then transfer them to a bowl.

Step 5

Ones dal becomes cool, add it into a grinder jar and grind it well.

Step 6

Add all ghee in a pan, then add grind dal in it. Continue to stir it and mix it well till it roasted well. Keep the flame on medium and roast it well. Roast it for 10 minutes.

Step 7

Now add milk in it and mix it till it becomes even and all milk gets evaporated. continue to mix it till it becomes thick and starts leaving pan. At that stage, add sugar, mix well till sugar completely melts and mixed with it.

Step 8

You can add more ghee if it becomes dry, and then add cardamom powder and roasted dry fruits, mix it well and then turn the flame off.

Your instant moong dal halwa is ready to serve, serve it hot by garnishing it with more dry fruits.

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