Garlic Shrimp Scampi Recipe | Shrimp Scampi With Spaghetti

Garlic Shrimp Scampi Recipe Here I am sharing a delicious recipe of shrimp scampi with spaghetti. This recipe is super delicious as I have tried to make shrimp scampi but for some reasons I couldn’t make it. I have watched so many videos and then I thought of trying this shrimp scampi with noodles and trust me guys this is really really amazing. So here is my recipe of  garlic shrimp scampi, let’s know how to make it.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Garlic Shrimp Scampi

  • Garlic = 1 tbsp, finely chopped
  • Shrimp = 500 gm or 1 pound, peeled and deveined
  • Black pepper powder = 1.5 tsp
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Spaghetti = 1/2 pound, cooked
  • Lemon juice = 1 tsp
  • Red chili flakes = 1 tsp
  • Olive oil = 2 tbsp
  • Unsalted butter = 2 tbsp
  • Parsley = 1/2 cup, finely chopped

Instructions For Making It

Step 1

Firstly in a pan, add some water and boil spaghetti by adding some salt in it. Drain off all the water after cooking spaghetti and keep it aside for cooling.

Step 2

Now in a wok or a pot, add oil and butter simultaneously and heat it up for a while.

Step 3

Then add shrimp in it by adding black pepper powder and salt and fry them till a beautiful golden color appears on it. Make sure that they should not burn. After cooking them, remove them from the pan and transfer them to another plate.

Step 4

Now add garlic cloves, chili flakes and saute till garlic turns golden.

Step 5

Further add cooked spaghetti and fried shrimp along with parsley, lemon juice and toss all things well to get everything well combined.

Step 6

Cook for 2 minutes and if becomes dry, then add a dash of water and saute well.

Your delicious garlic shrimp scampi with spaghetti is now ready. Serve it hot and enjoy.

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Image Source: The Hungry Hutch