Bread Mithai Recipe | Delicious Bread Mithai At Home

Bread Mithai Recipe Welcome back readers!! Today I am sharing a delicious sweet or dessert which you can easily make at home and serve it in parties. This is really delicious and easy in making. So let’s know how to make it at home.

Necessary Ingredients Required For Bread Mithai

  • Bread slices = 10
  • Milk = 1 cup
  • Ghee = for frying
  • Sugar = 1 cup
  • Water = 1/2 cup
  • Green cardamom = 3 pods
  • Saffron threads = 5 to 7

How To Make It

Step 1

For making this delicious sweet, firstly remove all the edges of bread.

Step 2

Take a mixing bowl, cut bread slices into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Also, gradually add milk in it and mix well with bread pieces. When bread absorbs all milk, then knead it into a dough like consistency.

Step 3

If your mixture does not turn into a dough like consistency, then add 1 or 2 more slices of bread to make it dough.

Step 4

Add 2 tsp of ghee and knead it into a smooth and shiny dough.

Step 5

Now divide the prepared dough into the small portions and then make small balls from it. Slightly press them and give a flat shape. Make all the bread shapes with the similar process.

Step 6

Take a wok, add ghee in it for frying and heat it up.

Step 7

Now add prepared shapes of bread into ghee and fry them till they turn into golden brown in color. When you add bread shapes into ghee, turn the flame on low to medium so that they gets cooked from inside also.

Step 8

Flip them in between to fry them well.

Step 9

When they fried well, take them out and put them on a kitchen paper to remove its excess oil.

Step 10

In a pan, add sugar and half cup of water and put it on a flame for making sugar syrup.

Step 11

When sugar completely dissolves in water, add saffron threads, green cardamom pods in it and then cook it for 5 to 7 minutes more.

Step 12

Turn the flame off and keep this sugar syrup aside for slightly cooling.

Step 13

When sugar syrup cools slightly, add the fried bread in it and soak them in it for 15 minutes.

Step 14

After 15 minutes, take them out from the sugar syrup and transfer to the serving plate.

Your delicious bread mithai is now ready to serve. Serve it by garnish it with chopped pistachios or almonds. Enjoy.

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Recipe Source: Zayka Recipes

Image Source: Zayka Recipes