Banana Chips Recipe | How To Make Banana Chips At Home

Banana Chips are dried, generally crispy chips of bananas. They are usually made by frying banana slices into oil and adding some salt and spices which makes its taste more good. Most of the time you had buy these chips from supermarkets. But have you ever tried them at home yet??? If no, then read this recipe and know how easily you can make them at home.

Ingredients Required For Banana Chips

  • Raw banana = 3
  • Turmeric = 1/4 tsp
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Water = 1 cup
  • Oil = for frying

Method Of Making Step by Step

Step 1

Remove the peels of banana, grease your hand with oil if banana stick on your hand.

Step 2

Slice bananas into thin slices. Take a bowl, pour water in it and add turmeric.

Step 3

Mix it with water and then add banana slices in water. Soak them for 2 to three minutes.

Step 4

Now pat dry them on a kitchen towel or paper hankie.

Step 5

Take a wok or a kadai, add oil in it and let it heat on a medium high flame.

Step 6

Frequently add slices of banana in hot oil. Do not over crowded.

Step 7

Flip them or stir them if required and fry them on a medium to low flame.

Step 8

Fry them until bubbles become lesser and lesser and disappear.

Step 9

Transfer them on a paper tissue to remove the excess oil.

Step 10

Fry all the banana chips with the same procedure.

Step 11

Transfer them in a bowl and sprinkle some salt and black pepper as per your taste.

Step 12

Ones it becomes at room temperature, transfer them in a air tight container.

Your banana chips are ready.

Serve them or eat them with your friends and family whenever you want.


  • I am using turmeric powder in it because it gives a bright yellow color to chips.
  • You can also add red chili powder as per your taste or also chaat masala to it.
  • To pour banana slices into water is a main step as it removes its stickiness.
  • For some reason, if your banana chips becomes soft, then you can microwave it for 5 to 8 minutes, they will again become crispier.

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